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Formerly Nightswatch

The quarterback is ready for the snap. Our Varsity fragrance pays homage to the big man on campus. Even if you hate the game, you’ll love the player. Athletic, manly notes of girthy cedarwood are heightened by the sultry smoke of charred kiln-dried hardwoods. Essences of Ponderosa pine and fragrant dewy turf play nicely with the unmistakable aroma of tanned, natural leather. Bracing wafts of cool, wild mint reflect the untamable nature and formidable confidence of the alpha warrior. Grab your spirit stick. Our collegiate-inspired Varsity fragrance will win you over!

  • Flashpoint > 200
  • Phthalate Free
  • Skin-safe
  • No Vanillin


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  1. Sara Halwix (verified owner)

    Absolutely unexpected. When I first smelled it, I wasn’t in love simply because it wasn’t what I was expecting (sexy Smokey man cologne is what I expected). But as I smelled it, the more perfect it became. This is Jon Snow to a T. It doesn’t smell like “I’m sexy and I know it” it smells more like “I’m sexy but I couldn’t care less because I’ve got stuff to don like fight off beasts and such”. The complexity is there and I’m here for it.

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