Sodium Lactate

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INCI: Sodium Lactate

Most commonly, Sodium Lactate is used in bar soap to help harden the bar faster, making unmolding easier. In some cases, it can accelerate trace.

Sodium lactate is a versatile substance that is commonly used in a range of personal care and cosmetic products. It is a natural humectant, which means that it has the ability to attract and retain moisture, making it an ideal ingredient for use in moisturizers, lotions, and other skincare products. It can reduce tackiness in formulas and increases skin hydration in leave-on and rinse-off products.

Sodium lactate is derived from lactic acid, which is a natural compound found in milk and other dairy products. It is a clear, colorless liquid that is easy to incorporate into various formulations. When added to skincare products, sodium lactate works by helping to improve the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which in turn helps to reduce dryness, flakiness, and irritation.

In addition to its moisturizing properties, sodium lactate also has antimicrobial properties, which can help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on the skin. This makes it an ideal ingredient for use in products such as deodorants and antiperspirants.

Overall, sodium lactate is a highly effective and versatile ingredient that can improve the performance of a wide range of personal care products. Whether you are looking to improve the moisturizing qualities of your skincare routine or to enhance the effectiveness of your deodorant, sodium lactate is an excellent choice.

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  1. debs.oils (verified owner)

    I use a LOT of sodium lactate and am so happy MSC is carrying it. Between the price and the customer service, this buy is a no brainer.

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