La La Lavender

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La la Lavender is a beautiful blend of fresh, floral, and woody scents, which create a calming and soothing aroma. The top notes in this fragrance oil are citrusy, with a zesty burst of lemon and bergamot. These notes add a refreshing quality to the scent and give it a bright and uplifting feel.

The fragrance’s heart is dominated by lavender, a classic floral note known for its calming and relaxing properties.  The lavender note is complemented by a touch of cedarwood, which adds a woody and earthy quality to the scent.

The base notes of musk add a warm and comforting quality to the fragrance, which makes it perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home or office. Overall, la la lavender is a beautiful and well-balanced scent that is perfect for those who love the natural and soothing aroma of lavender.

  • FP 172°
  • no phthalates
  • skin safe
  • no vanillin

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