Manufactured in Texas, by makers, for makers, the Electra Press is the only one of its kind. Our Patent-pending design is lightweight and portable requiring no additional equipment.

Patent Pending

  • All aluminum-coated frame
  • Electric DC-powered motor
  • Plugs into a standard household wall plug 110V or 240V.
  • Quiet operation
  • A consistent force is applied every time
  • Each Electra-Press comes supplied with a 2.5″  Round sphere Mold Set.

No compressor is required, No hoses are required, No pressure regulators to adjust, No hose adapters needed, No Earplugs are needed

No additional equipment is required, just plug the Electra-Press in with the supplied power cord, and with the flick of a simple up-down toggle switch you get quiet, reliable, and consistent pressure, allowing you to start right out of the box making Bath Bombs!

Our Molds are manufactured from high-quality HDPE plastic and are simple to use.

Custom colors are available for an additional $100 and $120 for custom colors and glitter coats. There is an additional lead time of 2 weeks for custom colors. Please email for more info.

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 9 in


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