FDC Black Celestial Splendor Lake

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CELESTIAL SPLENDOR is black in dried bath bombs and black with a rose hue in the water. Use less for a gray and more for a darker black.
** Thisis a custom blend. The shade will vary depending on how much is used.



Lake pigments are oil dispersible colourants that tint by dispersion. This means unlike our water soluble dyes these colourants need an oil to distribute them in water. This makes them a great option for colouring bath bombs. Lakes will give your bath bombs a bright pop of colour and will colour the bath water if enough is used. No blooming needed! Just add these gorgeous colours to your baking soda and blend well until all lumps and colour streaks are gone. We use the back of a big spoon to smooth out the colours. Then add your liquids and mix! So easy!

For bath bombs we use between 1 – 3 tbls per 1kg baking soda. More or less can be used. Always test before you sell.
Poly 80 is recommended to avoid a ring in the tub.
Lakes can be used in soap but may bleed. Colour not stable in high PH
Approved for all cosmetic use (eyes, lips, and face).

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Lake and Dyes Sizes

5g, 20g, 1oz


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