Mulberry silk top grade

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This is A1 quality Mulberry Silk is nothing short of magnificent. The fineness and luxury are undeniable and are pure white and incredibly soft.
Adds phenomenal silky feel to soaps and body products. Mulberry silk, from the Bombyx silk moth, is pure white and has a magnificent and unmistakable sheen. The caterpillars live out their life cycle, gorging on Mulberry leaves until they are ready to begin to spin their cocoons. Our Mulberry silk melts beautifully in lye water, for a dazzling final product. Try it and feel the difference!
We recommend using approximately a golf ball size amount added to your lye water before adding the lye.

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Sold by the ounce
We know you will love our luxury top grade mulberry silk that dissolves beautifully in hot lye water. Using 2 grams per 2 pound batch adds an unmistakable silky sheen and feel to your lather!

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