Idgie Threadgoode

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Idgie Threadgoode is a tantalizing fragrance loaded with a bit of southern spunk and tenacity.  A beautiful  blend of peach, apple and magnolia. It has notes of lily of the valley, raspberry, rose, wood and light musk. “The secrets in the sauce”

Flashpoint  197

Phthalate Free  YES  0%

Skin Safe   YES

Vanillin Free   YES




Idgie Threadgoode

Flashpoint           200
Phthalate free     YES   0%
Skin safe             YES
Vanillin  free        YES  0%

Cat 1  0%

C2  1.05%

C3  4.66%

C4  56.97%

C5  6.51%

C6  0%

C7  2.44%

C8  4.50%

C9  10.66%


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