dashing through the snow

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Dashing Through The Snow    Breathe  in the crisp cold air of a holiday sleigh ride with a harmonious blend of  bright green balsam,  warm wintery musk, and the jingle of sparkling citrus.

Flashpoint  188.0

Phthalate Free  YES  0%

Skin Safe   YES

Vanillin Free  NO  0.169%




Dashing Through The Snow

Flashpoint           188.0
Phthalate free     YES   0%
Skin safe             YES
Vanillin  free       NO   0.169%

Cat 1  0%

C2   0.612%

C3  1.53%

C4  1.53%

C5  1.53%

C6  0%

C7  1.22%

C8  1.53%

C9  1.53%

C10  1.53%

C11  100%


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