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  1. Commenting on my first use of the press. I tried a recipe for toilet bombs first & was a little bit messy, more vinegar as this recipe has, was ok, but I will work on this one to make it better. 2 days latter got the recipe that came with the press out & decided to cut it in half for testing it, I decided to go with naturals as I make most of my products from this, so using the recipe in half I made orange,lemon&lime 2.5” round bathbombs,first one was perfect & second 1 broke so I squirted some witch hazel & made 5 complete bathbombs using for colour yellow orange mica also curcumin yellow, annatto yellow, it worked perfect, probably dont need the 3 colours, will work on this also but very happy with the colours & the results, thanks [Muddy soap co]. I will find out & try to put some photos up soon, I have to get some help on this as I am a craftsman not a net genius, sorry learning as I go & getting better. Kind regards & thanking you once again.

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