Meet the makers, the crafters, the inventor, and the business minds. The family behind Muddy Soap Co. prides themselves on being MAKERS above all else.
His industry-changing invention of the Electra-Press™ happened out of necessity when Jerry brainstormed a safe, quiet, portable, less taxing solution for Jamie’s craft. Deeply rooted in a family culture of “make and do” Jerry and Jamie were determined to find an economical and reliable solution to ease Jamie’s burden.
After months of design, testing, and prototypes the Electra-Press™ was ready to go to market…
Although, truth-be-told, Jamie and Jerry were not. The couple was surprised that their initial interaction with youtube resulted in an unintentional “publish” and, nearly immediately, their very first order of the Electra-Press™!
Muddy Soap Co. is a family affair!